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Sep 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
, museums, festivals and the educated work force. it looked at the economy and the number of pro teams. seattle came in number two, followed by washington, d.c., boston and portland. >>> gay rights activists are planning to protest next week's installation of san francisco's new archbishop. he will be installed during a mass at st. mary's cathedral next thursday. the examiner reports that a group of gay rights act visits are planning to protest and they say it will not just -- activists are planning to protest and they say they are upset about the same-sex marriage ban. his spokesman says he respects their position and police will be onhand. >>> sal, you are watching the bridges. but i know you are looking at the toll plaza. >> yeah. it's really been very busy. very slow trying to get across into san francisco if you are trying to get there in your car, you will be waiting quite a bit. a lot of people start here and they travel through the area, 24 and 680 to get to 80. it's very slow here in bay point. 680 is slow as well. we were talking go the -- we were talking about the toll plaza
Oct 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
this could be a sign that people are more confident in the economy and are ready to grow their family. >>> 7:25. well, oraw kell's world conference continues today at the moscone center. but the big event is appreciation night on treasure island. last night, crews -- crews were out there testing all of the lights for the concert. pearl jam is the headliner, the kings of leon and "x" will be featured. if you want to be at this concert, you will have to have an approved wristband from the openworld event. >>> let's check in with sal. how is 101? >> 101 at 880, it's very slow. there is a crash up the road. i want to show you what that is doing to 101 -- 101. they opened up the lanes and now the traffic all of a sudden got a lot better. see what happens? chp got out there quickly. 280 is not that good. northbound 280, some people are using that instead. it's bark understand to the valley. talking about 580 and the livermore valley, slow traffic there as you cross into castro valley. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sir. waiting, waiting, waiting for those of you looking for the cooldown. everyt
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
and its impact on the global economy. >>> now the giants' decision to make about melky cabrera. will he be on the roster for the playoffs? only at denny's. open all night. available in america right now. almost half our nation's employers have open positions they can't find anyone qualified to fill. devry university offers bachelor's and master's degrees that can prepare you for these careers. the ones already here, and the ones just around the corner. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow. learn more at >>> solid fog bank. inland, warm for some. but temperatures are a little bit below average. >>> 7:15. republican presidential candidate, mitt romney claims president obama has not come clean with details about that deadly u.s. embassy attack in libya. >> i think they want to do their very best from keeping the people in america from understanding exactly what happened. >> now, paul ryan also questioned whether the white house officials are on the same page. the administration has called the libya violence a terrorist attack but yesterday president obama used different
Sep 28, 2012 7:00am PDT
from vacation. the economy is improving. the bay bridge is showing signs of it and even on fridays -- even when we have this on fridays, it's not light. in and just for steve, northbound caltrain, moving along. >> you throw a little twitch there -- >> yeah. >> hey, steve, you see the real nfl refs are back. >> say that again. >> the real nfl refs are back. >> yeah. >> pretty good. >> a little bitter -- better. >>> the temperatures, i think they will come down. san francisco hit 66. there's owls area that are a little warmer and cooler. today looks cooler in the system. it's causing a cooldown. if you are far aenough away from any influence. still some upper 80s and 90s. that's a lot of fog out there. a lot of fog even a stronger delta breeze. those are sure signs that it will be away from the coat. it looks like high pressure kicks in to the nort. that will give inland areas. the coast, we're still seeing -- trying to see if thatp area develops. inland, warm to hot. and there could be rather -- temperatures, 60s to 90. st. helena, 90. chloe up in clearlake, 47 low. 9 7 high. that's
Oct 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
, a maimer part of their economy -- a major part of their comment. >>> former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, admits he had several affairs including one with his co-star bridgeit kneel -- bridgett nielsen. >> the only affair. >> no. >> she knew. >> yeah. >> schwarzenegger's new memoir called "total recall" comes out today. maria shriver, as you know, filed for divorce and is not commenting on the new book. in that book, schwarzenegger talked about fathering a son with the family's housekeeper and said he lied about it until he left office. >>> authorities are calling an act of domestic terrorism involving a trier with os bay davis. the -- osby davis. many records were destroyed. >>> two people were injured at a motorcycle charity ride in florida. police say it happened in winter park. motorcycle riders were inside eating breakfast when several suspects came in and started firing shots. >> all of a sudden, gunshots went off in the parking lot. earlier we had noticed two motorcycle gangs. i don't believe this was a normal clientele. >> police believe it started with some kind o
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
not realize that most of our jobs in this economy come from small businesses. we need to champion small businesses. we need to make sure >> despite the small size, new hampshire is a key battle ground state. ryan was just there last week. >>> the latest polls show the president ahead of romney in nine battle ground states. the biggest leads are in new hampshire, iowa and the smaller in north carolina. the average percentage of polls is 49.5% for president obama, 44% for romney. >> there are more accusations of voter fraud in florida. the state says suspicious voter registration forms have turned up in at least 10 counties. the florida republican party blames the firm it hired. the g.o.p. national committee paid more than $3 million to the company, strategic consulting for voter registration and get out the vote operations. republicans say they fired the firm after apparent phoney registration forms started to turn up. >>> nobel peace prize winner anhs san suchi makes a stop on her historic trip to the u.s. she is scheduled to speak at the university of san francisco. suchi has already m
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6